Jesus is With the 99%

Did that get your attention?  Thought so, now please read on.

The title of this post was the title of another post I read this morning that just got my blood boiling.  It is a clear indication of how bad proof texting can be.  For those of you who do not know proof texting it taking a passage of Scripture, out of context, and then using it to prove your point.

Maybe the Jesus that the author prays to is with the 99% but the Jesus that I know from Scripture and 2,000 years of Church tradition tells me He is with the 100%.  Jesus shows no partiality and loves everyone equally.  He might not like some of the things that we do but His love is eternal, absolute, and unconditional, end of story.  At the end of the post the author says this:

Is Jesus also with the 1%? Of course. But In a world that too often makes demi-gods of the ultra-rich, and politicians are telling tell struggling Americans to “blame themselves,” we all could use a reminder that Jesus paid special attention to the powerless and vulnerable in society and sharp words for the wealthy and powerful.

I would agree that Jesus spoke for the powerless and vulnerable in society but he also spoke for those who had a voice, Jesus speaks for all of us.  This is another example of using religion as a weapon and I find this disgusting.

Jesus did not hang on the cross for the 99% He hung on that cross for the 100%  As soon as everyone realizes that Jesus is not a political figure, and only cares about your eternal salvation, they will be better off.  Until them I for one would appreciate you just leaving Him out of it.

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