The Monastery Chicken Coop
I have been offline since Saturday due to the very large snowstorm that hit New England over the weekend. We are used to snow here in the North East but not in October!
I was honored to be in attendance at the Church consecration of St. Dimitru Romanian Orthodox Parish in Connecticut on Saturday and drove home in the midst of the storm. I can tell you that I have never prayed harder than I did that day. A trip that should take less than an hour and a half took more than four hours! It was not fun. Thanks to all of you who prayed for our journey.
When I returned here to Southbridge, most of the Town was without power but the Church and rectory had power thanks be to God. But the cable and the internet was out so I guess we made out okay in the midst of the storm. We did not have Church on Sunday as many of the roads in Town were blocked by fallen trees and power lines. I always struggle with the decision to cancel church but I feel that the safety of those who would try to attend in of the utmost.
Yesterday, about 1:00 pm, we lost power here at the Rectory. The power did come back on just before 8:00 pm and we were lucky here many people in the area were without power for many days and no power means no heat for many people. So in the grand scheme of things we made out just fine.
It is interesting how life changes when there is no power. Life becomes very simple and very complicated at the same time. I had just finished re-watching the mini-series John Adams and I felt like the people that were depicted in the series. Life was not easy for them but dare I say, they were better equipped for it them we are. I have no other heat source other than the electric heat here at the rectory. No fire place or woodstove, just many blankets!
I love to read, but that was a challenge as well as the sun went down. Being a Church we have plenty of candles and there was something prayerful as I stood in the candle lite room and read the vespers service. It reminds me that we do indeed need to get back to a much simpler life.
Please continue to pray for those who will be trying to get their lives back to normal. The weather is warming and lights are coming back on. Thanks to all those who worked so hard to get things back to normal as soon as possible.
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