The Orthodox World-view

As you know, I am participating in the 40 days of blogging project.  This really takes time to plan to blog everyday.  Well yesterday was a crazy day and I just did not think that far in advance, so this morning I was stuck without something to write about.  But then I came across this post and it got my mind to thinking.

I am not a big fan of Fr. Seraphim Rose but I agree with what he is saying here.  The quote below is part of a much larger talk found at the site I liked to above.  I would suggest you read the entire talk.  I thought it was very fitting for today and I have to keep in mind that Fr. Seraphim lived in the 60’s and 70’s but his words still ring true today.

“With such an attitude—a view of both the good things and the bad things in the world—it is possible for us to have and to fire an Orthodox world-view, that is, an Orthodox view on the whole of life, not just on narrow church subjects. There exists a false opinion, which unfortunately is all too widespread today, that it is enough to have an Orthodoxy that is limited to the church building and formal “Orthodox” activities, such as praying at certain times or making the sign of the Cross; in everything else, so this opinion goes, one can be like anyone else, participating in the life and culture of our times without any problem, as long as we don’t commit sin.

Anyone who has come to realize how deep Orthodoxy is, and how full is the commitment which is required of the serious Orthodox Christian, and likewise what totalitarian demands the contemporary world makes on us, will easily see how wrong this opinion is. One is Orthodox all the time every day, in every situation of life, or one is not really Orthodox at all. Our Orthodoxy is revealed not just in our strictly religious views, but in everything we do and say. Most of us are very unaware of the Christian, religious responsibility we have for the seemingly secular part of our lives. The person with a truly Orthodox world-view lives every part of his life as Orthodox.”Fr. Seraphim Rose

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