The Pacific

Yesterday I started watching the mini series “The Pacific.”  I wanted to see this when it first came out but alas I do not have the premium channels on cable so I waited until it was out on DVD.  I thought the series was well dine but I did not think it was as good as “Band of Brothers.”

The series follows several Marines as they make their way across the Pacific.  I cannot imagine what being in those battles was like but they way they were portrayed gave me a pretty good idea.  I now know why men, and women, come back from war messed up!  We need to do a better job with our returning Vets, we owe them so much.

Although I did not like it as much as “Band of Brothers” I thought is was a good series and would recommend it for watching.  It is filmed in 10 parts each one hour long.  I bought the set that includes “Band of Brothers” and some other material that I have not watched yet but I am looking forward to it.

I used to think that John Wayne movies about the war were good, and I do still like them, but we certainly had a sanitized way of portraying life in the trenches.

If you have time, give it a watch.


  1. no body wants to see war the way it really is..thank God for the men,like my father and uncles,for being there doing the dirty work

  2. I have both series, and I agree with you that "Band of Brothers" is better in many aspects: the cinematography, the production quality, the way the story was written…. Just the same, I still liked it. And I also would still recommend it.

    Hoping you're having a Happy Thanksgiving, Fr. Peter. God Bless, and be safe.

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