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Well the long awaited football game is over and the New England Patriots beat the Denver Broncos. As expected the haters came out before the game was even over. I was watching my Twitter feed and people were saying things like, “where is your God now” and the like. I will admit I go back and forth on the whole Tim Tebow thing but this past week was an eye opener for me.
The Gospel periscope for the 29th Sunday after Pentecost is very fitting for this situation. It comes from the Gospel of St. Luke, chapter 17 and verses 12-19. This is the story of Jesus healing the lepers. After he heals them he sends them off to tell the priests. They do this but only one returns to thank Him. Jesus says were not 10 cleansed an only one returns? To me that one is Tim Tebow.
Tim Tebow lives his faith out loud. Maybe too loud for me but that is me. Last night before the game the network did a little profile of what Tebow is doing with his new found fame. His foundation brings one person to each of his games. These are folks with some kind of disability or medical issue. They don’t just come to the game; he spends time with them before the game. For most athletes the time before the game is spent getting their game face on. For Tebow, he spends it with his special guests. It’s not about him it’s about love of neighbor. This is a very Christian thing to do.
This morning I read a blog post titled, Tebow after Tonight’s Game, a very interesting take on the whole “Tebowmania” thing. In the article the author quotes Christian blogger Carolos Whittaker, “I’m embarrassed by Tebow” he says. Not for the reason you might think but because Tim Tebow lives he faith. “He is the real deal.” I have to agree.  He does what many of us do not do and that is live our faith out loud.
We do not know what Tim Tebow is praying for when he does his now famous move called Tebowing. I would guess, based on his Christian faith, which he is praying that he plays well and that through this he brings glory to God. That should be the prayer of all of us, that we use our God given talents to bring glory to God. Yes, throwing a football to the best of your ability brings glory to God the same way anyone who does their job to the highest ability brings glory to God.
Just like the one leper from today’s Gospel, Tim Tebow thanks God for the gift that has been given him. Because of that gift he is able to make a difference in the lives of many people. Hey, he has the entire world talking about prayer and God so how bad can it be.
I am a Patriots fan and I am glad that my team will advance to the next round of play. I believe that Tim Tebow has a great career ahead of him. He has been given a talent that many will never have and he is using it to bring glory to God. Nope, God does not care about a football game but he does care about how you are using your talents.
How are you using your God given talents?


  1. I think that the criticism that has been directed at Tim Tebow has been misplaced.
    The true criticism should be directed at those who have politicized him and his beliefs as exemplifying the moral superiority of their political beliefs. Tim Tebow may be demonstrative of his religious convictions and he may have espoused conservative political beliefs, but he should not be accorded any greater status as a political commentator than would be accorded to any other celebrity, merely because of their celebrity status.
    He has not been subjected to the kind of public grilling about his political beliefs that has been directed at George Clooney or Janeane Garofolo for example. Nor should he have to unless he so chooses.
    But until he is willing to do this, he should not be employed as a poster boy for conservative political beliefs. He should be recognized for what he is – a gifted athlete who lives his beliefs.
    To make him out to be more than that is to justify his exploitation by cynical people pursuing a cynical agenda.

  2. has always if you put your religion out front people will always laugh when you fail.
    Just as they laughed and taunted Jesus during his trial and when they hung him on the cross and as he was dying.
    evil is evil and always laughs at good but in the end good always triumps..always..
    We as Christians should be standing up behind Tebow and say what should be said…we support his right to pray.
    If I were a football player and crossed myself before each play would that make me a fool?
    Or someone who believes God is ever with me and will protect me besides being Oethodox its my right to cross myself where ever i feel,even if the people around me feel uncomfortable..as long as im doing it for the right reasons and not to be noticed by those around me.

  3. Fr.Preble
    I could not have agree any more. Different people, different ways to show thier faith. Its not always about how but why. I am also a fan of all of new england sports but I admire the fact of what Tebow does. Thanks for the article and have a good one

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