Open Letter to IOCC

Some background on this post.  On Tuesday, May 8th the International Orthodox Christian Charities will host a gala fundraiser to raise funds for the many programs they support around the globe.  These are great programs that really do some wonderful work.  I have worked with IOCC in the past after the Hurricane in Louisiana and I know of the work they do.  However, we can never compromise our beliefs and having the Pro Choice Senator Sarbanes as Honorary Chair of this event does just that.  Sen. Sarbanes, although and Orthodox Christian and should know better, continues to vote for pro abortion items that come before congress.  The Orthodox Church has been and always has been Pro Life!  It is time we make that point known loud and clear.  Less than a month ago Metr. Jonah and other Orthodox Bishops stood at the microphone on the Mall in Washington, DC and led the prayer before the March for Life.  This move is a slap in the face to all the Orthodox Christians who were there and who prayed for them!  It is time our Bishops stand up and tell IOCC that this is unacceptable!  Here is a synopsis of how he has voted in the past.  We need to stand up and let people know that this is unacceptable.  If we do not make our voice heard then by our silence we agree.  Email your concerns to:

Here is the letter:

(Orthodoxy Today) – by Ronda Wintheiser – Dear Mr. Triantafilou, board of directors, and the staff at IOCC:
I did finally receive a response to the email and the letter I wrote recently asking you to reconsider your selection of Senator Sarbanes as an honorary chairman for the upcoming gala planned for May 8th. Thank you for it.
The letter read, in part, that: “Senator Sarbanes was selected as an honorary co-chairman for the event for his steadfast commitment and support for IOCC’s ongoing humanitarian mission. While we recognize that you do have concerns about his participation, we hope you will not allow it to overshadow a 20-year legacy of positively impacting the lives of so many people.”
I’m sure you hoped that such a carefully crafted letter would smooth this over and make me go away. But it’s Great Lent, and one of the Scripture readings selected by the Church for Clean Monday just happens to be a warning from God about coming to worship Him with blood on our hands (Isaiah 1) — and I take that very seriously.
Do you realize that the argument made in the letter written by Rada Tierney for why I should continue to support IOCC is the same argument used to defend Planned Parenthood? ‘So what if they are the largest abortion provider in the world? They do so much good! Why allow your concerns about abortion to overshadow their legacy of positively impacting the lives of so many people?’
In Romans 16, St. Paul admonishes Christians to “associate with the lowly”. As far as I can tell, there are none so lowly as unborn children, nor as needy, isolated, and vulnerable, and as we are about to celebrate on March 25th, Christ deigned to become an unborn Child Himself.
It isn’t my choice to overshadow your “20-year-legacy” with the spectre of abortion — it’s yours. You have made it clear it doesn’t matter to you whether Senator Sarbanes supports killing unborn children as long as he keeps giving his money to you. That makes it painfully obvious that you prefer to associate with rich, powerful, politically correct figures than with lowly unborn children — or with nobody housewives like me, for that matter.
You have Senator Sarbanes’ support, so you surely don’t need mine; therefore, I am writing to request a refund of the $100 check I wrote to IOCC on February 5th during the Souper Bowl of Caring drive. It’s not very much; I’m sure you won’t miss it, and if you do, perhaps Senator Sarbanes will make up the difference.
Lord, have mercy on me, and on you all as well.
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