Orthodox Theology

In the Orthodox Church, theology is considered a gift.  It is not something acquired through mere study or scholarly research.  It is not some complicated system of intellectual discourse, the monopoly of a few specialists whose lifetimes are spent in libraries.  It is not taught; rather it is caught.  Moreover, by the same token, it is not some arbitrary expression or personal opinion.  Indeed, it cannot be articulated outside the living continuity of tradition.  Nor again is it simply the result of some authoritative declaration, publicly professed or dogmatically imposed by the institutional church.  Rather, it is the fruit of a communal conscience and consensus.  Theology can never be understood as some infallible proclamation by a single or even a collective source.  It always derives from, is produced by, and is interpreted within the experience of the total community.

His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
Encountering the Mystery pg. 37


  1. Hi Fr. Peter-Michael. I'm a new reader to this blog – in fact, I just found it for the first time today, after hearing you last night at Holy Family. I've been a participant in the Ecumenical Lenten Services in Woonsocket for a few years, and I must it was nice to finally hear a talk from an Orthodox priest. (It's possible there has been an Orthodox priest involved at some time in the past, but not in the years that I've been involved with it.) Thank you.
    – Peter in Rhode Island

  2. Hi Peter, thanks for your comments and thanks for your attendance the other night. It was a wonderful service.



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