Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers

Sunday of Orthodoxy Icon
Last night, clergy and laity from the 12 Orthodox Churches in our area joined together to celebrate the Sunday of Orthodoxy. The first Sunday of Lent is set aside to remember the restoration of the Icons that took place at the 7th Ecumenical Council. It is always a wonderful experience to gather with fellow clergy around one of our bishops and celebrate. We were joined this year by the newly consecrated Bishop John of the Antiochian Diocese of Worcester at his Cathedral of St. George. It was also nice to see so many from St. Michael make the trip into Worcester for the Service. Sunday can be a long day and I am very grateful to everyone who came.
I learned a valuable lesson last night, always drive to a place the way you know how to go! I have been driving to the Cathedral for almost 8 years now. I always go the same way, well last night I decided to go a different way and sure enough, I ended up on the opposite side of town than I needed to be on. A frantic call to Fr. Greg, and I was back on track. Luckily we Orthodox like to start everything late so I was almost right on time only missing the very start of the service.
The service was amazing and Bishop John preached a wonderful sermon on unity. It was nice to hear those words from an Orthodox Bishop.
Thanks to the folks at the Cathedral for organizing the service and for the wonderful refreshments after.
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