Lead Like Jesus

In the past, on this blog, I have written about different leadership styles and what it takes to be a leader.  There is no better leadership example for one who leads a Christian community then Jesus himself.  I think we often over look the leadership qualities that Jesus showed.  I recently came across a blog article on this topic and there were listed the 5 Leadership Secrets of Jesus.  Take a look and see what you think.
1- Jesus prayed and fasted all night asking God who He should bring on His team.
2- Jesus chose the “uneducated and untrained.” He didn’t choose leaders, He built His own.
3- Jesus trained His followers by example, and then empowered them to do the same.
4- Jesus expected those that were with Him, would do greater things than He did.
5- Jesus gave His life to and for those that were with Him.
As the author of the essay reminds us, Jesus lead with love and humility.  That’s how every authentic Christian leader should lead, with love and humility.  Thanks for the reminder.
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