Dark Asceticism

Dr. Al Rossi, Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology at St. Vladimir’s Seminary in New York, has a newly released podcast on Ancient Faith Radio dealing with the topic of Dark Asceticism.  This episode is a part of a series that Dr. Rossi is recording on the topic of Asceticism and fits in well with the discussion we have been having on these pages related to authentic, stable monasticism here in the United States.

I have posted several essays on these pages on the subject of Monasticism in the Orthodox Church here in America.  My belief is that monasteries are an important part of our life here in America but that the monastic life that is practiced in the Mother Countries or even on Mount Athos do not exactly fit with our life here in America.  There needs to be some adaptation to fit the life here.

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In this episode Dr. Rossi deals with the dark side of monastic life.  How the Spiritual Father or elder of the monastery can become a guru and where blind obedience is the word of the day.  These things in moderation are fine but they can quickly get out of hand and people will start “drinking the cool-aide” as the saying goes.

Take a few moments, the podcast is only 18 minutes long, and listen.

Dr. Albert Rossi ~ Becoming a Healing Presence ~ Dark Asceticism

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