Resources for those Interested in Orthodoxy

I am always on the hunt for resources to help people get a better understanding of the Orthodox faith.  However, I am always a little skiddish in suggesting resources as Orthodoxy is not an intellectual faith but a experiential faith.  The only true way to understand the Orthodox faith is to experience it.  Come and see us and you will understand us.

At the end of June a new podcast premiered on Ancient Faith Radio.  Approaching the Wardrobe is a podcast with the purpose of introducing the inquirer to Orthodoxy and introducing the Orthodox to those who are in search of the Church.  Jeff Wisniewski is the host and a convert to Orthodoxy and shares from his own experience and his own journey home.

I have listened to the first two episodes and so far I am impressed.  If you have a chance give it a listen.


  1. The title of this is perfect! Listening really gives the sense that one has cracked the door and is peering into Lewis’ gateway to Narnia. The language is clear and gentle. Each episode leads to a desire to peek a bit further with careful steps as you push the coats to the side and step into the snow.

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