Massachusetts Question 2

On Tuesday, November 6th voters around the country will be heading out to the polls to elect leaders for the next few years in our country.  In Massachusetts we will be voting on several questions as well as voting for people.  Question 2 deals with the right of people to kill themselves.  This is erroneously called death with dignity or physician assisted suicide, it is neither.  If you are undecided on this question I have listed below some links to references that might help you make a decision.  Some are strictly Orthodoxy but most of them are op ed’s from local newspapers.

Boston Globe Editorial Board Recommends a ‘No’ Vote on Question 2

E.J. Dionne: “Liberals Should Be Wary of Assisted Suicide”

The Springfield Republican: Vote NO on Question 2

Western MA Pharmacists Association Opposes Question 2

Recap: Vicki Kennedy Against Question 2

Physician Assisted Suicide and the Orthodox Church

Massachusetts Death with Dignity Act

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