And God Made a Farmer


I like football.  I like football better when my beloved New England Patriots are playing, but I do love a good football game.  Last night, like millions of Americans, I tuned in to watch the match between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.  The game promised to be a good one, and in the final analysis, I think it will be the best Super Bowl game played thus far.

I also, like millions of Americans, tune in to watch the commercials.  I imagine this is  one time when television viewers do not mind the commercials.  We watch to see how clever the ads can be and if they got their reported $4 million dollars for thirty seconds.  There were some good ones, and there were some downright disgusting ones.  I am going to keep my moral outrage for another post, but I was most impressed with the commercial by Dodge called, “God Made a Farmer.”  In our over sexualized world,  it is gratifying to see an ad that champions good wholesome family values and as a bonus, mentioned God in every sentence.

I consider myself as part of the food chain.  I keep and raise chickens that provide several families in my community with eggs on a weekly basis.  I have a small garden where, last year, I was blessed to be able to produce a substantial amount of veggies that will keep me through the winter.  I do not consider myself a farmer, in the sense that the ones in the video are farmers, but I understand how difficult it is to farm the land.

The small family farm is under attack in America from the large corporate farms.  These are the guys that create, and I mean create, the food that we eat, and we put it in our mouth without any sense of what is in it.  Genetically Modified food is all the rage, and if it is not that then we are radiating our food to make it safe.  We are abusing creation, and we don’t seem to care much about it.

So we turn to the immortal words of Paul Harvey.  So God Made a Famer, is poem delivered in 1978 to a meeting of the Future Famers of America and speaks of the values of the farmer and the difficulty of the job.  Dodge Ram Trucks used parts of the poem in their ad last night, and from my perspective, won the prize for the best commercial.

Posted below are two videos, the first contains images that celebrate farmers and the farming way of life, and the second is the commercial from last night.  Please take a few moments to watch both videos and, please do take the time to thank a farmer.  Remember the slogan, “No Farms, No Food.”

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