Boston Marathon


I started to write this last night but decided it was better to wait.  A raw emotional state is never a good place to write from and I needed time to process those feelings after the horrible events of the day.

My dreams were haunted by the images of the attack, the terrorist attack, on one of the greatest cities in Massachusetts, the cradle of liberty and freedom, the very things that terrorists hate about us.  To watch people, not professionals like the police and fire personnel, but average Bostonians rushing to help people they did not even know, was a beautiful thing to see in the midst of all the destruction.  Stories of people along the route of the Marathon opening their homes to the runners and showing genuine concern was heartwarming, I pray it continues.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Massachusetts.  It was warm, the sun was out, there was a baseball game at Fenway and the Boston Marathon was under way.  I was working outside and listening to the game and then came inside to get some inside work done.  I received a call about what had happened in Boston and so I turned on the TV to witness the horror of the explosions in Downtown Boston.

I used to work in that part of the city and walked on that part of the street many times.  Who would do this?  Why would they do this?  Someone on Facebook posted, “Why do they hate us so much?”  All of these are questions that we need to come to grips with and as I cautioned one person last night we need to try not to gravitate towards hate.  Hate is what caused this heinous act but it is only the love of Christ that will overcome evil!  Focus on love and not on hate.

As Christians the only response we have in situations like these is love.  We need to seek justice and punish those who were involved, but Jesus calls us to love everyone and that is not optional.  As we gathered in the monastery chapel last night to pray Compline I was struck by one of the petitions near the end, “for those who hate us and those who love us” we must pray for those who wish to take our lives.  This is not an easy concept for us to come to grips with.

As the sun come up this morning we will start to put our lives back together again.  Parts of Boston are still shut down and will be for a few more days as the investigation continues.  Soon the city will return to normal, whatever that will be after this attack.  Boston is a great city with history of freedom and this will not stop her.

“O Christ, with the saints grant rest to the souls of your servants, in a place where there is no pain, no sorrow, no sighing, but everlasting life.”

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