Orthodox Evangelism

Mother Maria“And if the world is more tired than ever before of religion’s discourse and if the words do not move anyone, then we have a situation worse than that of the tower of Babel. It is not so much a confusion of languages but utter chaos at the very heart of language itself. We no longer understand each other. Communion is completely shattered and we exist only in isolation from each other.[…]The only message which is powerful any longer is not the one which simply repeats the words of Christ, the Word, but the one which makes Him present. Only His presence will make the message, as the Gospel says, light and salt for the world.[…]It is necessary that the Christian message no longer be the repetition of a catechism lesson. It is necessary rather to be one in whom God Himself speaks. If we find Christ again in the Gospel, it will be because each word read there already contains His presence.[…]During the ages of the ecumenical councils, monasticism evoked a powerful appeal, announcing the end and many generations of Christians were moved, yes, transformed by the striking image of the heroism of these holy women and men. Today monasticism is above the world but not within it. Christianity is called now, more than ever, to find itself at the same time both above the world and within the world, and this is essential. The problem is not so much one of new language but the real danger is of reducing the message, lowering its demands. We must again raise it to its proper level. ‘The one who is near Me is near fire.’ It is neither paradox nor dialectic which consumes, but fire. We need to return to the simple and striking language of the parables. ‘Never has anyone spoken with such power.’ (John 7:46)”   (Paul Evdokimov’s pamphlet: A Letter to the Churches, pgs. 7-9)

h/t Fr. Ted’s Blog

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