Heartland ~ A Review


If you follow me in any of the Social Media platforms that I presently use, Facebook & Twitter, you will know that I am a fan of television.  Many of the programs on television today are junk and show the decline in our morals as a society, but sometimes you come upon a program that is wholesome and family oriented and Heartland is just that kind of program.

Heartland takes place in Alberta Canada and follows the trials and tribulations of the Bartlett/Fleming family running their 600 acre horse ranch.  What separates this ranch from the ones that surround them is that it is a ranch that rehabilitates horses that have been injured in some way.  They take horses in and nurse them back to health using centuries old remedies and just plain care.

What is amazing about the program is that the women, and there are two strong women leading characters, do not have to degrade themselves by wearing skimpy clothing and jumping into the sack with every ranch hand on the spread.  I am half way through season 2 and I have yet to even see a hint that this is going on.  Sure there are romantic interests between characters but they seem to keep their clothes on and not sleep together.  What a pleasant shift from American TV where women feel they only way they will succeed is by degrading themselves and making themselves objects rather than humans created in the Image and Likeness of God.  I cannot for the life of me, understand why American women stand for this nonsense.  Shows like “Two Broke Girls” (I will admit I have never watched the program only watched the trailers) does nothing but objectify women and degrade them, why American women are not up in arms over this I will never understand.

But I digress.

What stands out as one of the hallmarks of Heartland is that it teaches that simple living and an understanding of nature, and our role in all of that, is actually a better way to live.  The large, corporate ranch down the street is 100 times larger and has more money, but they cannot compete with Heartland and their simple way of life.

In our materialistic, secular world it is nice to see a program that puts forth basic family values and simple living, not as some group of crack pots as so often is the case on American television, but portrays it as just that, wholesome family living.  The family has its problems but they work them out together with love and understanding not sex, drugs, and rock and roll!

If you are looking for great entertainment, I highly recommend Heartland.


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