Eucharist as the Great Thanksgiving


Each time we gather for worship it is an act of Thanksgiving.  We remember all that God has done for us, and for us Christians, that includes the giving of His Son for our sake.  The very act of worship and praise is thanksgiving or of giving thanks in season and out of season.

We gather around the table, the Holy Table, and we offer the perfect sacrifice.  It upon this altar that our gifts of bread and wine, the simplest of all the gifts, is made sacred and becomes for us the healing that we all need.

I think when you do something over and over we tend to stop thinking about the mystery that is behind it.  As a priest, each time I stand at the altar and offer the prayers on behalf of all the people I am thankful for all the God has done and is doing in my community.  We bring those prayers to the altar and we can rejoice in the answering of those prayers.

It is an awesome responsibility that we priests have.


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