The Golden Calf of Idolatry
The Golden Calf of Idolatry

Well this is an interesting topic on out 40 Day Blogging experience.  It seems that this topic come up during this time of year as well seem to spend money on things that we do not need but we continue to do it.

Funny how when we think of Idolatry we usually just think of money but anything can become an idol if it is not used appropriately.  Even religion can become an idol, and that is when it is at its worst.

I was recently in a discussion with someone about religious fanatics.  There are good fanatics and bad fanatics I guess but I lean towards the fact that any kind of a fanatic is not always good.  Religion is one of those things where it is easy to fall into the trap of the rules being more important than anything, and I find that especially true in Orthodoxy.

So many people fall in love with the rules of Orthodoxy that they miss the spirit of it all.  As an example, we are in a fast and abstinence period during Advent.  We get wrapped up in the food part but forget about the rest of it, or we go so involved in the rules that we forget there is supposed to be a change in us that will take place if we are doing it right.

I try to take everything in moderation so as not to become too much of a fanatic and make an idol of out things in a bad way.

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