Sunday Links Round Up

Here are a few interesting stories from the past week

Inside Higher ~ Ed A Broader History Ph.D.

OCP ~ Funeral Arrangements for Metropolitan Philip

Journal of the American Revolution ~ The Worth of a Continental

First Things ~ The New Monasticism Gets Older

Eastern Christian Books ~ LOGOS Spring 2014 Issue (includes a book review written by yours truly)

Yahoo News ~ Vatican library will digitize its archives and put them online

The Way of Improvement Leads Home ~ Why Blog?

Byzantine Texas ~ The Russian Synod on Ukraine

Religion in American History ~ The Urban Pulpit: New York City and the Fate of Liberal Evangelicalism (Review)

Good Guys Wear Black ~ You Don’t Have to Like Your Priest

Emerging Civil War ~ The Aftermath of Battle

The Beehive ~ “He cannot degrade her”: Louisa Catherine Adams on Women’s Natural Equality

Vita Brevis ~ The earliest mass migration of the Irish to America

Red River Orthodox ~ When Orthodox Were Told to Become Episcopalians

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