Sunday Links Roundup

Here are links to a few things I have been reading this past week.

Boston 1775 ~ The “No King But Jesus” Myth

The Junto ~ Yes, Virginia, there was an American Enlightenment

The New York Time Opinionator ~ Passover in the Confederacy

Sons of the American Revolution ~ Dedham man to get belated recognition for service in the Revolution

Glory to God for all Things ~ Judas Loves Money

Emerging Civil War ~ ECW Weekender: The Civil War Horse Memorial

Boston 1775 ~ William Dawes Tells a Good Story

The Way of Improvement Leads Home ~ “Is Blogging Scholarship?” The Video is Here!

Journal of the American Revolution ~ Who Shot First? The Americans!

Boston 1775 ~ Joseph Green, John Hamock, and the Freemasons

The Way of Improvement Leads Home ~ Thomas Kidd on Arthur Sherr’s Thomas Jefferson

Scottish Clan Blog from Scotland ~ 19th Century Clan Catalogue For Sale

First Things ~ The Dangers of Internet Orthodoxy

Emerging Civil War ~ The Absolution at Gettysburg (this is my essay)

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