12 Questions for Spiritual Awareness


Following up on my last essay concerning Spiritual Resiliency I thought I would now look at some ways to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves so we can better handle what comes next.  After we decided that we want to change, remember there has to be a desire to change, then we need to become aware of ourselves.  Self awareness is the first step in any kind of improvement that we would like to make in our lives.

Here is a spiritual inventory that should give some insight into your present state of spirituality.  Like any inventory the more honest you are with yourself the better off you will be.

Answer yes or no to the following question:

  1. I am willing to forgive myself and others.
  2. I have a sense of belonging, meaning and purpose in life.
  3. I have a belief system (such as spiritual, religious, atheist).
  4. I participate in regular spiritual activities with people who share my beliefs, and I am open to hearing about others’ beliefs.
  5. I accept my limitations without embarrassment or apology.
  6. I keep the purpose of my life clearly in mind and let it guide my decision-making.
  7. I freely give to others.
  8. I am comfortable about knowing things without knowing precisely how I know them (intuition).
  9. I allow others the freedom to believe what they want without pressuring them to accept my beliefs.
  10. I look for and work toward balance when my life is out of balance.
  11. I continually explore personal beliefs, values, principles and priorities.
  12. Principles, ethics and morals provide guides for my life.

If you answered yes to:

9 or more that is excellent and your habits are enhancing your health.

6 to 8 is average and you are obviously trying, but there is room to improve.

5 or less is below average and there is room for improvement in your daily life.

Remember this is just one tool that can be used to make you more aware of your spiritual situation.  Share these results with your spiritual guide, if you have one, or with a trusted friend and seek help in improving.

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