Church Trends in 2016

Church Trends

Church leaders need to be in tune to trends that will shape the future of society and eventually shape the future of the church.  I know the argument that the church should be influencing society, and that is great, but if no one is coming to church or listening to your message you will not be an influencer.

Pastor Carey Nieuwhof writes a blog with an emphasis on Church Leadership, and in his most recent entry he tackles the 5 Disruptive Church Trends that will Influence 2016. The first trend he tackles is the issue of social media and the church.  In the article Pastor Carey notes that the online presence of the church will be an advance and not just a supplement or a replacement to the church.  I have to agree and pastors need to learn to use social media much better than we currently do.  If you are not using social media for outreach and evangelism you are missing a great opportunity.

Here is a little bit of the rest of this wonderful essay:

There’s little doubt culture is changing rapidly.

The question is, are you ready as a church leader?

As I shared in my new book, Lasting Impact (you can download the first chapter for free here), if the change inside the church isn’t equal to or greater than the change outside our walls, irrelevance is inevitable.

While that thought can be somewhat depressing, think of the flip side.

History belongs to the innovators. It belongs to the leaders who dared to dream, to try things no one else was trying, to experiment, to push the boundaries of what everyone else believed was possible.

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