A Special Word of Thanks

Family 2016

Putting together an event such as a family reunion is never just the work of one person.  Many hands make the event as great as I thought our most recent reunion was.  We started planning shortly after the last reunion in Florida and all of that work culminated in our time together at the Indian Head Resort.

I usually do not thank people by name for fear of leaving someone out, but I am going to try and thank those who had a part in this, and if I forgot anyone, please do not think I do not appreciate the role you played in the success of the event.

Bob & Bobby Preble for putting up with having to harass me to get things done and for working so hard on the flower pots.  And to Bob for the construction of the Championship Cornhole Boards.

Clare Gambino for taking to ride to New Hampshire with us as we looked at countless places to have the reunion and also for your work on the pots.

Larry & Kathy Ryan for your hard work, once again, on the family book.  As our family continues to grow it is helpful to keep track of who belongs to whom.

Bobbi & Billy Ryan for the AWESOME banner that we had and for the good luck that you were able to be with us!

Jim Gambino for setting the boards and making sure they were on the level.

Rob “The Commissioner of Cornhole” Dauphinee for the hard work of keeping the tournament going and refereeing and disputes.  Although I do believe it is fishy that the Commissioner and his partner in crime Kelli Ryan won the tournament!

To all of those who put up the out of towners on floors, blow up mattresses and bed on boats.  And to those who fetched folks from airports and returned them.

To everyone who took pictures!

My family Rusty & Naomi, Scott & Stacey, Mark & Teri, and Kate for all of the work getting the boil and the rest of the food together.  From picking up the pots and pans and the grills to brushing corn, to planning the menu, picking up the food, slaving over the grill and pots while the other enjoyed the Cornhole Game.

Fr. Dave Kneeland for coming out to say the Mass for our departed family members.

To the staff and Indian Head, who made the time very enjoyable and went the extra mile cleaning up after us.

And finally to all of you.  If you did not take the time and come to our reunions every two years well, there would be no reunion.  Although we live many miles apart and see each other every few years, you are what family is all about, and I truly love each and every one of you.

Now the torch has been passed to Jimmy & Christi Ryan, and we look forward to seeing what comes next for our family.

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