Lent as Training in Resilience, Practice of Resistance

The Progressive Redneck Preacher has some good tips for his fellow Progressives about approaching Lent.  Here is a little sample:

This week begins the season of Lent.

For many in the progressive Christian world, Lent can feel a bit weird. It can feel like a return to the guilt-ridden life in churches of our childhood, as if we are being made to feel guilty for pleasure, for joy. We can ask ourselves “what is the point?”
As I reflect on the beginning of this year’s Lenten journey, a few ways of approaching this season stand out as positive ways to look at this season.

First, we can make this season focused on reordering our lives to better emulate Jesus. One often hears in progressive Christian circles that a problem in the wider Christian world is that we are so busy worshipping Jesus as God, we fail to pay any attention to how he says to live our lives. Progressive Christians, by and large, deeply identify with the human Jesus of Nazareth, a man like us who struggled to live out a life of compassion and justice. Beginning with focus on Jesus vulnerable in the desert, being tried by his own inner demons and the dark psychological forces at the heart of society, Lent calls us to deeply identify ourselves with the struggle and life of Jesus.

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