A New Direction

I began writing on these pages on November 11, 2005, and this will be my 2, 996 entry.  Over the years the blog has taken several different directions, but the focus was always on some topic associated with religion and theology.

Past writing have included sermons and other spiritual writings, and that will continue but as part of the email newsletter that I send out and the focus of these pages will shift slightly in a new and fresh direction.

The header proclaims that I am a Minister, Living Historian, and Cultural Commentator.  I do not see that changing but the focus is going to shift more towards writings and research on the topic of American Religious History.

I envision interviews with authors and book reviews as well as an “On This Date in American Religious History” section.  I will continue to write from my perspective, but I will also include sermons from some of the great preachers of history as well as biographical material about the religious leaders of our American History.

I truly appreciate all of the support you have shown me over these years of writing, and I hope that support will continue with the new direction.

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