The Patriotism of Political Criticism

It is no secret that President Trump loves to lash out at his political opponents on Twitter.  His childish, early morning Twitter rants are legendary and make for some great reading unless you care about the stature not only of the American Presidency but America as a member of the world community.

His most recent rant, attacking a journalist and saying that she was “bleeding from a facelift” is the lowest, in my estimation, that he has sunk.  He has once again, attacked a woman for her looks and, not surprisingly, the Evangelical Christian leaders that had a hand in getting him elected have remained silent on the issue.  His wife, the First Lady of the United States who has made it her cause to speak out about cyber bullying, defended her husband and said that he would come out swinging “10 times harder” against those who attack him.

I posted a link to an article on my Facebook page, and his supporters came out in droves to support him, as they usually do.  But one person took me to task for not exercising the Fruits of the Spirit and just praying for the President that he has a change of heart.  Here is what the comment was (the name has been removed)

Instead of criticizing and condemning, folks should pray for the man. He needs a new heart, and that can only be achieved with lots of prayers. Condemning him does no good and is also contrary to the fruits of the spirit, so those criticizing and condemning the Pres. are displaying just as bad behavior as that which they condemn.

Sure, as a Christian I have an obligation to pray for our leaders and that I do, but prayer also requires action.  We cannot just simply pray for say, an end to world hunger, but not do anything to help the end of that hunger.  God gave us brains and ability, and we are to use them.

But I also have an obligation, as a Christian, to call out behavior that is not Christian especially from someone who publically claims, and is supported full throttle, by other Christian leaders who remain silent at times like these.  There are many examples of Jesus calling the leaders of his day “hypocrites” and “broods of vipers” for the way they were acting so I disagree with the commenter that it is not a fruit of the spirit.  How are to set an example of Christian behavior when the leader of our country, a supposed devout Christian, acts in the way he has been?

After 9/11, Conservatives would bang on about how unpatriotic it was to speak poorly of the President of the United States as a time of war.  We needed to rally behind him and support him as if condemning war, another thing Jesus did by the way, somehow made me less patriotic.

After the election of President Obama, when the United States was still engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan, it seems the Conservatives changed their mind as the constant attacks on the President, his wife, his family was part of the daily routine for some, and it continues today.

Criticizing the government is very patriotic in fact it is very American.  If it was not for the criticism of the government, we might all still be citizens of the Kingdom of Great Britain!

The issue I have is that Mr. Trump claims to be a Christian and says that he reads his Bible every day, although he cannot name one favorite verse.  He is supported by Evangelical leaders, and yet he acts in a way that is anything but Christian.  Speaking out against your opponents when they attack your policies is one thing, that is the political arena, but to attack someone for how they look, and to call them crazy, that is what a bully does, and that does not make you strong in fact it makes you weak.  Bullies are weak.

Mr. Trump, you were elected President of the United States it is time you start acting like it!

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