The Power of Saying No

Saying no is one of the hardest things I have had to learn to do. As someone in ministry, I want to be available to everyone but, that usually leads to overextending, and then bad things start to happen. Harnessing the power of saying no is a lesson we all should learn. When we say yes, we are also saying no to something. Ask yourself these five questions to determine if your priorities are straight.

1. What do I like about saying, yes? When does saying yes, impact me negatively? (Make two lists)

2. What am I afraid of when it comes to saying no? When does it feel wonderful to say no? (Make two lists)

3. Where do I need to say no in my life, and what would that feel like?

4. What gets in the way of me saying no? (Make a list)

5. If I say “No” more, would I be able to…

Think about these questions, make the lists, and begin to harness the power of saying no.

If you need help learning to say no, check out my Coaching Page and let’s begin a conversation.

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