Full Moon Rituals

Not a Great Photo of the Soon to be Full Moon

I sent this email to my Hospice Team This Morning

Driving home last night, the moon was amazing. Several of us shared pictures on the Tiger Text and some comments about just how amazing it was. Not only was the moon almost full, the actual full moon is tonight, but we are also in a period of a lunar eclipse.

In preparation for our Memorial Service next month, I have been thinking about rituals and how vital ritual is in our lives. Ritual helps with grief and bereavement and set us on the path towards the new normal. I know we don’t like to think about it, but the work we do does cause each of us some grief with each loss. We feel some of those losses more than others.

Many rituals surround the time of the full moon. For example, if you have and use crystals, the light from the full moon will recharge the crystals. Another ritual is the making of Moon Water. Fill a jar with water and place it in the light of the moon. The energy from the moon is caught in water particles, and when you drink the water, the energy is released. Finally, the full moon is a great time to meditate and just listen to the world around you.

But for me, the most beneficial full moon ritual is cleansing or getting rid of those things that do not serve us any longer. This can be a physical activity around the house, but more importantly, it is spiritual. Give some thought to the memories and other things like self-doubt, anger, and all the rest. Write them on a piece of paper and when you are ready, burn it and let them go. Of course, you can do this at any time, but tapping into the full moon’s energy helps in the process.

The last point is about self-care. Practicing good self-care is what allows us to do the sacred work we do, so here are a few principles to get us started:

1. Trust what comes or goes (we don’t always see the big picture)
2. Be patient
3. Embrace change (and there has been a lot of change)
4. Stay hydrated
5. Recognize soul growth
6. Follow the signs

Friends, it is as honor to be doing this work with you. Take care of yourselves this day and every day.

Blessings and Peace,

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