Last Sunday, as I mentioned in the previous post, I was at a Krking service in New Hampshire. The minister spoke about faith and about how much time we spend on the “things” of life. He asked us to ask ourselves how much time we spend doing things other than practicing our faith. I have been thinking about that this week. How much time do we spend on other things? What else could we be doing? Makes me stop and ponder.

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  1. recently while flipping through the channels on t.v. i came across a religious channel where there was a woman talking about how the devil tries to get us caught up in distractions. she said we are so busy with the real world we dont see the real picture.
    she used the story of how jesus had come to raise his friend who had been dead for three days.when he went to open the tomb martha came to him and said jesus this man has been dead for three days and his body is decaying and it will smell bad when you open the tomb.(has the lady on tv put it lord he stinkith)
    here jesus was going to do this great and holy thing and all martha could think about was how much he would smell when the tomb was opened. she was missing the real picture because of earthly distractions.

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