Today is a very strange day for me. For the first time in the more than 2 years since I have been ordained, I am not celebrating the Divine Liturgy today. I am on a little vacation with my family in New Hampshire and I have been invited to participate in an ancient ceremony called the Kirking of the Tartans. This ceremony dates back to the time when the tartan was outlawed in Scotland and people would sneak a small piece into the church. At some point in the service, the minister would bless the small swatches. This is a very moving ceremony as it calls to mind a time when all was not free in Scotland. Although it has been many generations since my family lived in Scotland, it is still nice to keep up the old traditions.
Otherwise the time has been fun. Lots of rain yesterday but it did not dampen the excitement of the pipe bands, dancers, and others who have come from so far to participate in the activities of the weekend. It is also nice to be back at Loon Mountain. What a great place this is.


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