Election Season

I am not one to preach politics from the pulpit. I do not think it is the place of the clergy to preach about political topics. People in this country, for better or worse, do not want anyone telling them how to vote. People who vote want to be able to make up their own mind. Now, I am not saying that the clergy should not speak about issues and inform the people where the church stands on such things as abortion, capitol punishment, war, etc. but we need to be careful how we put the message across.
With the election only a few weeks away how are we to vote? Are there candidates that as orthodox we could support? Are there candidates that hold to the positions that we hold? Can an orthodox person vote for someone they know supports abortion or capitol punishment? How are we to work all of this out? These are just some of the issues that the clergy face each day.
There are no easy answers to these questions but we need to try and work them out for ourselves.

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  1. i think its very difficult to tell people who to vote for. until some one is in office you don’t really know what these people truely stand for and how involved they will be in goverment. some people use goverment positions as a step to personal promotion while others are there for true public service

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