Busy Day

Well today should be kinda busy for me here at the parish. Tonight we have our annual turkey party. This is a real hoot, and if you are in the area you should not miss this event. We have a bunch of turkeys, or should that be a flock I don’t know. Anyway, we have all these turkeys and people buy tickets with numbers on them for $.50. We spin a big wheel and the number it lands on wins. Simple, and lots of clean family fun. And a good fundraiser for the church. So the folks will be here most of the day getting ready for that, and on top of that my parents are coming out for the night so I have to clean the spare room.
tomorrow is the memorial service for the fire fighter that dies a few weeks back at home. This will be my first memorial service for a fire fighter so please pray for me and the family.
Sunday the usual church service and coffee hour and then some rest. The bishop comes next week so we will be cleaning and sprucing things up around here. More on this latter…
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