Today’s Gospel reading was from Luke and the story of the daughter of Jarius and the woman with the issue of blood. These are stories about faith and the faith that we need in this world today. You see if we don’t have faith then everything we do is just theater and nice stories. We need the faith of the woman in the story that all we have to do is to touch the hem of the garment and be healed. How many of us believe this? How many would believe enough to have total faith in something we have never seen? There are no simple answers to these questions, only time to ponder and see what comes next.
I think sometimes we try and place all the faith in ourselves and what we are capable of doing and we seem to only turn to God when we need Him. It’s like we say I know he is there when I need Him. Sort of like a fire extinguisher it’s there and ready when we need it. Our faith needs to be more than this. Christianity is not something that we put on a shelf and take it off only on Sunday. Christianity is a job, a lifestyle and one that takes work. We are all broken and we all need to just reach out and take the hem of the garment and be healed.
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