Liturgy of St James

Today is the feast of St. James the brother of our Lord. Fr. Greg and I served the Divine Liturgy of St. James. We had been preparing for this for months and it turned out okay. A very different liturgy then the one that Orthodox are used too. Much of it is spoken and the prayers of the priest of wonderful. The Liturgy begins at the entrance to the church and moves to the middle where the priest remains until the time of the great entrance. Communion is another different part of the Liturgy. Served in the hand and then the communicant drinks from the cup. Many people from around the council of churches attended the liturgy. It was nice to see so many people out for this feast day.


  1. At the Greek cathedral in Chicago, the concelebrating priests started behind the iconostasis and then moved out in front until the Great Entrance. Communion was given with a spoon as normal. Metropolitan Iakovos was present, so I am sure everything was done to his specifications.

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