I guess you could consider today to be a very busy day for me. I have no less then three meetings to attend to today. And I guess you could say that they are some what ministry related. First up is a local planning meeting. As chaplain for the Fire Department I have been asked to participate in this meeting with the leaders in the town. As we prepare for emergencies that I hope never come I will be the person who links the town with clergy in the area in case we need them for housing or counseling.
After that, off to Framingham for a meeting of Massachusetts Volunteers Active in Disaster. Tis group is a collection of NGO’s that will be called upon in the event of a disaster in Massachusetts. Organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army belong to this organization. I will be representing the International Orthodox Christian Charities here in Massachusetts. The hope is that we could play some role here in the satate if something did happen. After our response last year to the Gulf Coast we are trying to be more proactive in our response.
In beteewn these two meetings, I have to meet with some folks to plan a memorial service for a a fire fighter that we lost over the weekend.
There is another meeting this evening, but I am not sure about that one. We shall see.
Sometime in there I need to pray and do some office work. Busy day today, I love it!
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