Big Day in Massachusetts Follow Up

Yesterday the Great and General Court meet in Constitutional Convention to debate many issues one of which was the same sex marriage question. I thought that this time the process would work, but alas the cowards shirked their responsibility and adjourned before taking a stand on the question.
Like I said yesterday it’s not the question, it’s the process. More than 127,000 people did not have their voice heard yesterday and that is what bothers me. I think the issue deserves to be heard and voted on, but it would seem that our elected officials do not trust us to do the right thing as they see it. Today, Veterans day, I feel cheated by my elected officials. Yes Comrade that’s what I said, Cheated.

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  1. i dont think they are afraid to allow people to vote on the problem i think they don’t want to be politicaly incorrect and affend a group of potential voters,even if they are the minority. could it be the problem is the minority votes while the majority does not?

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