Big Day in Massachusetts

Since my ordination I have tried not to publicly stray into the political arena. Privately I will tell you where I stand on issues but publicly I would not use the pulpit to push people to vote one way or another. Well I guess I do as I preach about what the church teaches. My feeling has always been that if we teach what our respective churches teach then the people will know how to vote. We need to trust our faithful that they will vote how they have been taught. If we don’t teach them then they will not know. So I guess in a sense I do preach politics from the pulpit.

Okay, long introduction to the topic os same sex marriage. Today the Great and General Court of Massachusetts will meet in Constitutional Convention and one of the items on the agenda is allowing the people of Massachusetts to vote on this issue. I don’t think I need to write about all that has gone in Massachusetts regarding this issue, and not coming down on either side, this is more about the process than the issue itself.

The folks that want the definition of marriage to be between one man and one woman have done all that is required of them. They have collected all the signatures that are needed, and now it is up to the politicians to vote, in two legislative sessions, to allow the question to be placed on the ballot in 2008 so all the residents of Massachusetts can decide. With me so far? All this seems simple. This is how it works here and has worked here for generations. However, it seems the President of the Senate plans to call for a recess so the cowards on Beacon Hill will not have to take stand, that we pay them to do by the way, and let the people vote. If you are so confident that the people will up hold the decision and allow same sex marriage to continue, then let us have our voice. What is the problem. The problem is this, the majority of people in Massachusetts oppose this and want the traditional definition of marriage.

So all we poor peons can do is sit back and wait to see what happens. They were supposed to vote on this before the election, but so it would not be an issue in the election, the postponed the vote until today. LET THE PEOPLE VOTE. I believe the fought a revolution for this right. I believe almost 3,000 American Soldiers have lost their lives in the Middle East to secure this right for others while that right is being taken away from us. LET THE PEOPLE VOTE.

If you live here in the Commonwealth you should be outraged that one man is deciding for all of us what the Constitution of this state will say. It might be too late but start calling.

Okay climbing off my soap box now.

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