Christmas Shopping

So yesterday I was able to finish my Christmas Shopping. This is far in advance for me as I am usually running around on Christmas Eve finishing up. Now I just need to start wrapping everything. Nothing on the schedule for today so maybe I can get it done.
The other day as I was working in the church I noticed that one of the furnaces was on the fritz. I need to call the repair man and have them come and give us the annual gouging on the cost. Maybe we need to just light a fire in a 55 gal. drum in the middle of the church for heat. I once went to this little church in Romania and the heat was a fire place. There was this guy in the church and his job was to keep the fire going. Could be a good alternative. Oh well thankfully we have not really used the heat that much this season. Maybe we can squeak by with a small heating bill this year.
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