Yesterday was my fourth funeral since coming here almost three years ago. In the grand scheme of things that is not many, but in a parish this size that is many more than we should have.
The funeral liturgy itself is very beautiful and the priest does not have much to do. It is a work out for the cantor who has to chant every part of it.
I preached on the fact that although we will miss the person, we should rejoice at the same time because for us it is not the end, there is more and we will be together again one day. I did not know the gentleman that well but I can tell from the stories I heard over the last week that he was truly a gentle man and a great friend to many. We waked him in the church, an old tradition that is making a come back. He then spends the night in the church before the funeral. This man loved his church very much so it was indeed a fitting send off for him to be able to spend the night in the church.
The service at the cemetery is very short, and then off to a local place for the mercy meal. I will try and post more about the Orthodox Funeral Liturgy at another time.

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  1. I have a friend who is a funeral director here in Vegas – he occasionally calls me when he needs bearers or someone to stay at the calling hours with the family/the decedent, etc. Last one I did for him was a funeral at Sts. Peter and Paul in Manchester. You are right – good workout for the cantor. The pastor is Russian, and the end of the liturgy before the family said goodbye was the prayer for the dead, in Russian. I think that was pretty much all the priest did, except for the condolences to the family. And it was long – I think we were there for close to an hour and a half before going to the cemetery. Beautiful, nonetheless.

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