Bum Fights

Yesterday I tuned in to the Dr. Phil show. I am a somewhat regular viewer of the show and tune in when the topic catches my eye. For some reason I knew this one was going to be real stupid. There is this guy who goes around paying the homeless to fight on camera. He paid this one poor soul in booze to pull his teeth out with a pair of pliers. What is this world coming too. He actually said that he is helping these people. Someone needs to help this guy for sure.
What has happened to people that we treat others as entertainment? Now I am a fan of reality TV and watch my fair share, but this is crazy. As Dr. Phil said, he is a supporter of everyones first amendment rights, but I think this goes too far.


  1. Seen those up here, Fr. Peter – I know of 5 that we’ve been to at the request of MPD. I know some of the homeless; the ones that agree to it are a bit more desperate than most. The last ended up with a broken nose and 4 or 5 missing teeth. Made me really mad….

  2. People getting hurt for our own entertainment seems pornographic to me. Taking the vulnerable and using them as sport is evil.

    On a happier note… I enjoy your blog.


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