Gerald Ford RIP

Word has reached us here in the village of the passing of former President Gerald Ford at the age of 93. Much will be written in the coming days of him and his presidency I would like to share some thoughts of this great man.
I was in grade school when Ford ran against Carter in the 1976 presidential election. I remember us having a mock election in the class room and I was the only one that voted for Ford in that election. There was just something about this man, who kept falling down, that I liked even at that tender age. Okay, so he pardoned Nixon. Is there anyone alive today that thinks that was a mistake? I also was reminded today that he was the only president that was never elected. He became Vice President with the resignation of Spiro Agnew and then president with Nixon’s resignation.
So Memory Eternal for Gerald Ford, and it will be interesting to see how history will treat him.

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