Romania’s Communist Past

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Often times, we all get pretty bleak about the situation here in Romania. Well, I guess that it is normal, given that we focus so much on the negative side of life, the “hard side” so to speak.

Well, today I got in a little early, and our President, Mr. Traian Basescu was making a speech on national television, and on all the Romanian stations. I could sense that it was something special. It was. He was blowing the whistle on the old hard line Communist’s who are still in the government. Everyone knows about them, its just that they are never confronted in public, by one of their peers.

Now, before you read the article, consider that many people consider the Romanian “revolution” in 1989 to be not much more than the manipulation of the people by the Communists (mostly by the secret service) to stay in power. Knowing that Communism and the Soviet Union was rapidly falling the revolution was probably a manipulation of the secret police to control the change of power in the government. There has been quite a lot written about it. Then, when the Romanian army, (not the people, as many believe) shot Ceausescu and his wife at a firing squad affair, the “Communist Party” disbanded. Well, not really. They simply put on different hats and formed the political parties that are now in Romania. About 1 billion usd in gold bullion that came up missing during that time has also never been accounted for.

In reading the article, you will notice that both the far right, (ultra-nationalists) and the left (Social Democratic Party) are represented by former Communists. That is how they have kept control of the government, money, and generally, the people here in Romania since 1989, after the Revolution. And these guys are still in power, one of them has been president twice since 1989 and is now a senator.

I don’t usually write about all the political scandals over here, there are too many to note. But this one is worth mentioning because this fellow, Traian Basescu, is really trying to do something to help his country. And, in the last few years things have gotten better. It’s a “progress rather than perfection” type of thing, but Romania is improving.

Anyway, the link to read the BBC article is: you might need to copy and paste it into your browser.

I am doing a “copy and paste” of a second, related article, in case the link does not work in your program. I hope you enjoy reading the article.

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By DPADec 18, 2006, 17:32 GMTBucharest – A Romanian parliamentary session aimed at making the first official condemnation of the communist era was disrupted Monday by an ultra-nationalist writer and lawmaker who lambasted President Traian Basescu as well as guest Michael I, the country’s former king. Senator Corneliu Vadim Tudor and colleagues from the Romania Mare (Greater Romania) party heckled, whistled and booed Basescu during his early afternoon speech.The parliamentary session was held to discuss a report commissioned by the president which condemns the 1945-1989 communist era as ‘criminal and illegitimate.’
Tudor, the one-time writer-in-residence of former dictator Nicolai Ceausescu, is angered at his portrayal in the report, in which he is charged with helping the communist regime.
The report and the official condemnation has also provoked the ire of the opposition Socialist (PSD) party, whose honorary chairman Ion Iliescu is also named as having aided communism. Iliescu, Romanian president from 1990 to 1996, and again from 2000 to 2004, gained power following the ouster of Ceausescu.
Tudor on Monday described the report as ‘anti-Romanian and criminal,’ saying Basescu was a ‘worm’ in comparison to Ceausescu. He accused Michael I meanwhile of having ‘brought the Russians into the country’ via his 1944 break with Nazi Germany.
Tudor’s Romania Mare party is seen by many in the country as being largely made up of officers from the former communist-era security police.

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