Wright’s Chicken Farm

If you happen to find yourself in Harrisville Rhode Island then you have to take a trip to Wright’s Chicken Farm. I had the opportunity to go there last night with some of the guys from the firehouse where I am the chaplain. First I have to say that it was great to be able to spend time with these guys and their families on a much different level than I usually do. Second, strap on the feed bag because gluttony is the name of the game at this place.
The place is the largest restaurant I have even been too it seats about 2000. You sit down, order drinks, and the food starts coming out. All served family style you get salad, pasta, french fried potatoes, and of course chicken that just falls off the bone. And it just keeps coming. You sit a long tables with paper on them and as soon as one group leaves the army of serves comes from the back to clear and reset the table for the next bunch of hungry people.
I wish to thank all of the chickens that gave their life so I could feast yesterday. I am still full and it is 7:30am the next day. I have a feeling I will be back to this place. The best part of the whole deal is that it is only 10 bucks a head for all of this in this economy that is a great deal!
Thanks Wright’s!
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