Parish Renovation

Today is a big day in the life of our little parish. The bathrooms in the parish hall, circa 1950, are getting a much needed face lift. Right now I can hear the pounding of sledge hammers are the workers are removing the old floor tiles to make way for a new floor. Although this may not seem like a big deal to some, this is a really big deal for us and will give us a fresh start and is the first step in rebuilding this church.
The work is being done through a community service program of the Worcester County Sheriff’s office. Sheriff Guy Glodis has a program where inmates from the County Jail are sent out, with an officer, to work around the community in the construction field. They are taking care of the rip out today and then after the plumber does his thing, they will come back and install the new windows, doors, and paint. This is a great program and I am happy that we are able to take advantage of this and also it is a ministry that we are able to help these guys learn a trade and keep them on the right path. I will try and post some pictures as work progresses.
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