Today is a beautiful day here in New England. I think Spring has finally arrived. Lot’s to do today. I will be going outside for a little while to do some work on the church grounds. Although we have someone who keeps the lawn cut, I like to do the work around the church, take care of the flower beds, and such things like that. It is a great time to meditate and think about things. Get your hands in the earth and participate in the process of growing stuff. I do not have a green thumb, but I manage to do okay.
Work needs to be done on my homily for tomorrow, and I am going to try to record it and post it so all can listen. This will be a trial recording and I will solicit comments on the quality of the sound and not necessarily on the content… Okay maybe.
I also need to go out to the campsite and check on any damage from the winter. Boy this will be a full day.
Off to pray!
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