Some Random Thoughts

This has been a very different week here in the Village. I worked most of the week at the Fire House working on a vehicle that should make my life a little easier as I try and get around getting to fires and such. Right now I use my own vehicle to respond to fires and other calls where the chaplain can be of use. However, my truck is not four wheel drive and is unable to get around in all weather. So, thanks to the military surplus program, the fire department was able to secure two Chevy Blazers. Thanks to some grant money we have the fund to get them ready for the road. My vehicle, the guys are already referring to it as “God Squad 1” will be used as a rehab truck. I will carry water, a tent, and some other items that will make their life a little easier while they fight fires. We hope to have it on the road in the next few weeks. All that is left is the red paint.
We had some interesting weather here this week also. On Wednesday we were under a tornado watch for a few hours. I have to say, and I think I have said this before, tornadoes freak me out. I have never been in one, but I can only imagine what it would be like. So I was a tad nervous. However the rain, wind, and lighting kept us busy at the fire house.
Yesterday I had jury duty. I have had jury duty before and never been able to serve on a jury because I was not picked. I thought this would be the time for sure. So off I went to the court house and hung around until 12:30pm and then… They let us all go. I was disappointed but maybe next time. Three years to wait.
This weekend will be busy. Tomorrow my nephew receives his first communion so I will be driving home to participate in that celebration. Back out here for Liturgy on Sunday, then back home for a meeting with the St. Andrew’s Society, then back out here for a meeting at the Fire House. Keep in mind it is about 130 miles round trip so that will be almost 400 miles in two days. Boy oh boy.
Next week is the annual retreat with the Fire Chaplains. This is always a restful time and this year we have added a day so from Monday afternoon until Wednesday night I will be away from the village. I am so looking forward to a little rest.
Neither Fr. Greg or myself were able to podcast this week, we hope to get back on track for next week. Just a reminder that you can subscribe to our podcasts by going to itunes. Both the Shepherd of Souls podcast and the Facing East podcast are available there.
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