So it would seem that my recent posts have caused a stirring in the masses. I think that discussion is good and can bear fruit and we can learn from each other. Questions of faith are not easy to answer, and it would be easy for me to just say that’s what the church teaches and you should believe it or get out, but as a priest I cannot just say that. Priests are called to be teachers of the faith. I believe that what our people need is basic training in the faith and not some flowery Scripture exegesis on the Sunday passages. We are supposed to bring Scripture alive, but if we do not have a clear sense of what we believe and why we believe it then it will not make any sense. Sort of like this blog post right now.
I feel I must preach the truth! Not just my version of the truth but the truth of God’s Church. I have begun to read the Psalms again and meditate on them as I used to do. Psalm 1 has stuck in my craw since Monday and I cannot seem to shake it.

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But he delights in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night.

We need to know and understand what the Church believes and teaches on the issues. We need to be informed about what is going on in the world and how we Christians can influence what is going on. We need to step out in faith and tell society that sometimes they are wrong. We preachers need to start to talk about SIN again and stop trying to be PC about topics. We are called to live the Christian life and not be wishy washy.
Our positions are not always the popular ones, but they are the positions of Christ’s Church. I believe that Christ calls us to a radical way of life and not one in which we just go along with whatever wave society happens to be riding. Perhaps I am wrong and am I popular, not always, but that is not why we are here. If we hold fast to our faith then all will be well, will it be easy, no!
I also feel that sometimes I can get a little snippy. However, good Christian discussion should not degrade into name calling. If we are to have a discussion we need to be able to respect the positions of others. However, if it does not agree with that of Christ’s Church then I will respectfully disagree with you. You are entitled to your opinion but just know that, hopefully, with love I will try and correct you. I have gone on long enough. I welcome your thoughts and opinions even if they differ from mine. Let’s have a thoughtful and prayerful discussion.


  1. We must each of us learn to accept that God’s ways are not our ways, and that God’s ways — while harder to follow than ours — are going to be better than our ways by virtue of being, precisely, Gods’s. The Lord promised trouble to those who dared to speak the truth and gave us a daring, and daunting, example to follow. He did not argue, he did not condemn: he “kept the ways that are hard” and kept them unto death. So be of good cheer my father and brother. Beware, only, when all “speak good of you.”

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