Busy Weekend and Slow Blogging

We had a very busy weekend here. For such a small church we have had many activities in the past few weeks. As I posted before we had our annual church picnic and then all of the clean up from that event. Following close on the heals of that was our first golf tournament held this past Saturday. It is amazing how many small details have to be taken care of for an event such as this. My three brothers came out and we played together. It was great to spend time with them and whack the little white ball around. Unfortunately my team came in last. Yesterday in church when I announced the results I said my team did not try that hard so it would not look fixed. Actually we were pretty bad! I have not played in maybe 15 years and I think that was the same for the others however we had a great time together and there is something to be said for that. After the tournament all the players came back to the church for a BBQ. They are already talking about next year so that is a good thing.

Regular Sunday Liturgy yesterday in the sweltering church. We had a decent attendance for such a hot day. I remember last year that attendance seemed to drop off a little during the summer months but this year we seem to be holding steady. No coffee hour this week but we should be back on track in the coming weeks. My cantor is off to Romania for vacation and we wish him a good visit and a restful time.

Last night we had a Firefighter appreciation BBQ at the firehouse. A grateful citizen donated 100 steaks to the FD and last night we cooked them up with all the fixins. It was a nice time to relax and just spend some time together as friends and co-workers. As chaplain I like to look out for the morale of the FD and when it starts to sink I like to try and have an event such as this to raise spirits. This year we included the support system of the firefighters so family and friends were invited as well. About 80 people came. It was a little muggy but it was great.

Today will be a usual Monday. Clean the rectory and laundry and start working on next Sunday’s homily. I am also going to try and get another podcast done since it has been almost two months since my last one. So I better get busy.

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