Weekend Stuff

This weekend is the long awaited St. Michael’s 83rd Annual Church Picnic. Next to Holy Week this is the hardest week being priest here. There are so many details and as the church congregation grows older more and more falls to the younger one, namely me! I don’t mind and we break things up over several days. Most of it is the publicity and the paperwork with the town and what not. But this year we also have a golf Tournament two weeks after the picnic so things are really moving. Trying to keep all the details separate is very difficult but with God’s help we will make it. Weather looks good and that will help. We just came off some of the hottest weather all summer and now we cool off before it gets hot again.
Today we get 650lbs. of Lamb delivered and the guys will be cutting and marinating it all morning and then on Sunday it starts to cook. I am not a fan of Lamb but I will say that ours is the GREAT. I guess I have to say that now don’t I? If you find yourself in the Southbridge area on Sunday between 12 and 6pm drop by the church. If you want to eat come early. Last year we went through all that lamb in about three hours. We expect about 400 people again this year. Bring a chair if you like we cannot guarantee a seat… I hope.
Oh Ya, almost forgot, Church starts at 10am!
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