1. just because some one is a priest or a member of the hierarche does not mean they are above human nature. we all sin and sometimes those sins snowball and people who are supose to stand up and make them right do not. wheather it be because they really don’t know its going on or they choose to ignore it.
    the catholic church went through this and look what is happening to them because they chose to hide their heads in the sand.
    some times its better to bring it out right away then deal with the snow ball effect.
    someone once told me by the time a priest mollest his first victim he
    has been with out faith for some time. ann

  2. Dear Fr. Peter,

    I, too, am sick over this whole thing. While I believe it is an issue that needs to be dealt with, I disagree with Mark Stokoe posting it on the website like he did. However, do not hear me as saying I don’t believe it, or do believe it, or whatever.

    But to give out the name(s) of the innocent victim(s) is wrong. It is humiliating, embarrassing, etc.

    Sadly, what you’ve read on that website is nothing compared to the stories that a couple people have told me that contain much the same info but about others.

    Lord, have mercy!


  3. It’s just sad when clergy say they are sick about the very things they themselves could’ve prevented. Rather than puke, why not gain some composure like a man and deal with this. Like the OCA hasn’t had problems? Financial? The defrocking of Blumentrit? The pedophile Katinas? You act surprised. The Greeks, Romanians, Russians, et al. all have these problems, and this is surely not the first time you’ve heard of such things. You are so sickened you had to share your vomitus? With all due respect, we need your strength and compassion. Or is it common for the clergy to fall weak and admit they know nothing about such things? Our jurisdictions are filled with such “tales” (as you call these allegations). Please, please, please, why can’t we own up to these problems, correct them, and then heal? When you say “I am sick,” is that a confession or something else? Fact is “We are sick” and we need help, in all Orthodox churches.

  4. Steve, thanks for your comments. I am sick of the Bishops knowing information such as this but not acting on it. We all, all of us, hide our heads in the sand and hope it goes away. I wish I had known about this before it went public because I would have made it public. Here in Massachusetts we are required to make such things known to the authorities, unless we hear it in confession, and would have done just that. My outrage is toward the cowardly bishops who do nothing. You are correct we all have problems and we need leaders to help us through. I appologize for my vomit, I have cleaned it up and stand ready to help.

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